Brazilian Bikinis - what are they?

Sexy and stylish - Beach culture in Brazil is an obsession. When a girl wants to impress, its not the little black dress that comes to the fore, but her favourite bikini, and as such, Brazil manufactures the highest quality, and the sexiest bikinis to be found the world over. Even the Italian Designer brands costing several times more are hard pushed to compete with a Brazilian bikini in either quality, or style!

The true Brazilian bikini has a very sexy cut, particularly to the bottom half, and this can be seen in the Brazilian cut of our 501 range, but we also realise that not everyone wants the cheeky Brasilian cut, so we also have bikinis in a Medium Modest cut - the 502, and for the most cover and smoother lines of a Modest Hipster style - the 503.

Be aware - even our Modest cut is a sexy cut and is not to be confused with the shapeless examples often found on the high street!


Highest quality - All our bikinis are manufactured with a minimum of 15% DupontŪ Lycra - the much higher than usual lycra content of the fabric used in our bikinis molds to the body beautifully, reduces the risk of transparencies, dries quicker and even reduces the chance of sand getting where it shouldn't!

The ties on the bikinis behind back and neck, and the waistband of the bottoms are made from a single piece of fabric, not sewn on to the top of the cups or the bottoms, giving them additional strength when, and where, its needed most.

Quality Control is second to none - our bikinis are checked no less than 4 times before they are shipped - once by the seamstress in Brazil, again by the packer before they leave there, we then check them upon arrival in the UK, and a fourth and final time before they are packaged and sent out to you.


Direct to you at wholesale prices - We are the main UK importer and retailer for high end Brazilian designers Biquini Brasil. We buy and import direct from the manufacturers without going through any other distributor, or wholesaler, and re sell the bikinis at heavily discounted prices.

How can we do this?

The Brazilian summer is 6 months ahead of the UK, running from September to March. To cater for this, the bikini manufacturers run flat out producing bikinis for their own domestic market from June until February, after that their production slows down, as the end of the Brazilian Summer approaches.

While the demand for bikinis is slowing down in their home market, we visit the manufacturer in Brazil and order our range of bikinis for the approaching UK Summer. We pick the designs from their collections that we like, sometimes using their designs but we encourage them to source previously unseen fabric and produce new designs in accordance to customer feedback.

Due to the large volume of bikinis purchased during this factory slowing down period we are able to secure low prices and these discounts are passed directly onto you, the customer. Some of the bikinis we list in the UK are sold for less than the retail price in Brazil!


Mix and match, to suit yourself - Are you fed up with being told that you cannot have that top with that bottom, or that because you are not the same size all over you will have to make do? We at believe in the old adage that the customer is always right

If you want to mix and match the styles of tops and bottoms, no problem - our product pages are set up for you to do this, if you want a different size top from bottom - again why shouldn't you be allowed to do this? Its your money, YOU should be allowed to choose.

We also believe that you shouldn't be restricted to this years colours as the high street shops seem to think. If you look pretty in pink, then you should be able to buy that, if you look red hot in bright red, then again why not.

We believe that you will love our bikinis so much that after receiving your first one, you will come back for more in other colours and styles. We have nine colours in our essencials range, and in the future will be adding new colours and fabrics to our sofisticado range.


Our commitment to service - Here at, we have a total commitment to customer service - we are a family run business, and love nothing more than a customer who is delighted with their purchase.

We believe that our customers should get exactly what they want in the shortest period of time, and that in doing so, you will come back to us time and time again. We ship on a daily basis, usually within 24hrs, and will work through the night if necessary to make sure your order is dispatched in the very next available post.

If there are any problems with your order, then please contact us and we will make every effort to rectify it as soon as humanly possible - it is very rare for our customers to need anything other than a size exchange, which is why we do a free exchange on any first return of an item.


Secure SSL payment encryption - For your protection all payment details are transmitted over a secure link using Thawte SSL 128bit encryption. Payments are then processed securely via our payment services provider Worldpay, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group

At no point do we see your credit card details, it is all processed via our Debit/Credit Card merchant, Worldpay. Worldpay accept all major Credit Cards, and UK Debit Cards.


Shipping within 24hrs. UK main land delivery usually within 48hrs - last orders for next day shipment are accepted up until 18:00 GMT. From there we will work on into the night, until all orders are made up, and we then deliver our post to the local sorting office at 8am the following morning.

Although we have no control over the postal service 95% of UK mainland deliveries are delivered the next working day and 98% within 2 working days.

For example if you were to order from us just before finishing work at 5pm on Monday, you could reasonably expect your package to come through your post box 8am Wednesday morning.

For deliveries to Central Europe (EU), add 1 additional day, and deliveries to the USA, or Australia normally take 5 days from shipping


All our items are shipped with insurance - occasionally with the best will in the world, the post office loses or sends items to the wrong address. We hold an insurance policy for lost items, and we can make a claim for lost items after 14 days for UK/EU shipments, and 30 days for shipments outside the EU.

All we ask is that you wait this required time, then we will e-mail you a pre filled in claim form to say you have not received the item for you to sign and return. We do not require you to wait until the insurance claim is processed, we will replace or refund as soon as the form is returned, but we do require the signed form back in order to make our claim.

If you require a replacement before this time, then please submit another order, and if the first shipment turns up before a claim has been made, return it for a full refund, or alternatively if it does not turn up we will refund the amount, once the claim form is returned.